Bravest boy

Stayed home today to take Dylan to his doctor for his physical. Besides the routine stuff, Dylan had to have a PPD skin test done for TB since he is entering Kindergarten in the fall. He was about to cry when he found out that he would need to be stuck with a needle, but I reminded him he had done it before and it turned out ok. We took some deep breaths, and he calmed down. He asked if he could close his eyes, and I said of course. He closed his eyes, the nurse stuck the needle, and soon it was over. He didn’t cry during the procedure, my bravest boy. I mean, I know he has gone through more than just a needle stick with his tonsillectomy, but still. I asked him if it hurt, and he said it did, a little. The nurse had said to think of happy things, and he said he thought about Legos, using the iPhone and iPad, and the computer. He asked me what I thought about when I have to get a needle stick. I said, I think about him and Isabella. :)

Afterwards, we had a pizza lunch date at Pizza N Such, and had a walk around the Claremont Village before we headed home.

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